Haikei, Niisan-sama News

I just recently found the manga 拝啓、兄さん様. Haikei, Niisan-sama .

Every now and then I will find a shounen-ai manga that will tickle me and keep me obsessed over it. This is my latest obsession and I’m glad I found it recently instead of finding it sooner and suffering with it’s long waiting releases. Sadly, knowing now that it seems to be endin soon depresses me entirely. I looked up Tagura Tohru-sensei’s website to get any news over this series and found this:

9月21日発売の「ルチル vol.50」にて「拝啓、兄さん様」の第7話を描かせていただきました。13Pと短いですが…。次回で最終回の予定です。よかったら読んでみてください~。

I drew chapter 7 of Dear, Brother (Haikei, Nii-san-sama) in Rutile Vol. 50 released on September 21. Short with 13 pages….The final is scheduled next. Please read it if you like.

Also, just so you know, this is considered the November issue.

Source: http://radio.padfoot.info/cgi-bin/diarypro/diary.cgi

For those who are curious about chapter 6 because it has yet to be scanlated, here are some news: It has been released in this volume.

ファイル 121-1.jpg

7月21日発売の「ルチル vol.49」にて「拝啓、兄さん様」の第6話を描かせていただきました。38P描いております。よかったら読んでみてください~。

I drew the 6th story of Dear, Brother in Rutile Vol. 49 released on July 21. I have drawn 38 pages. Please read it if you like.

Now we know that Dear, Brother is ending soon, I assume, on it’s 8th chapter. Final is scheduled next. (Please let me be just assuming and this is wrong *cries*!) Chapter six has many pages. Chapter seven has very little. I may be wrong and the Rutile Vol. 49 has been scanlated somewhere. If this manga ends this quickly when I just started it, I’m going to bawl like a baby (and then immediantly buy the volume when it’s released at cdjapan).

Btw, I totally recommend this manga. I’ve read it twice now and will spend minutes staring a single panel, that is how much this manga attracts me. Anyways, I will be scouting sensei’s site for any more news.